Hyper Chain builds and runs blockchain based solutions for a variety of business ecosystems.
We help business and corporations create trust-based systems, manage complex workflows and reduce cost.

Sector Focus

Blockchain is a decentralized, digital, cryptography-based technology which can be seen as an incorruptible distributed ledger for recording transactions.

Why Blockchain


Validation Without Authority

New data can only be added to the blockchain after consensus is reached on the validity of the action. This allows participants to place trust in the transactions even in the absence of a central regulatory authority


Storing and maintaining records on a distributed digital ledger removes the need for institutions to maintain their own systems for validation and reconciliation. This saves up resources intended towards costly setup and maintenance.


Existing data cannot be modified but can only be appended to. This along with the need for cryptography keys for making any transactions makes blockchain systems a verifiable source of truth.

Safety against attacks

Being a decentralized, distributed ledger running on a peer-to-peer network, the risk of failure is not concentrated at any single point in the blockchain. Since each “block” containing records is connected to blocks before and after it, tampering with a block is difficult because one would have to tamper with all connecting blocks.

Fool-proof Authentication

Digital signatures based on pairs of cryptographic private and public keys put network participants in a position to authenticate which participant initiates a transaction, owns an asset, signs a (smart) contract, or registers data in the blockchain.

Hyper Chain solutions are based on multiple platforms like HyperLedger and Ethereum, public or private blockchain-based distributed computing platforms featuring smart contracts.